Alpi Kuh vor Gebirgskulisse

About Us

Our production volume is around 30.000 tons dry whey each year. For our owners, we also fulfill a buffer function during milk supply peaks.

Since 1997 Company Meggle is an 26% minority Holding.

Our company was founded in 1996 and processes high-quality Austrian alpine milk into semi-finished products for industrial and commercial food production.

Our customers, whom we supply not only throughout Europe but also in Asia and Africa, include above all the chocolate and confectionery industries as well as the bakery and bakery products industries.

More than 50 highly qualified employees, in compliance with the highest quality standards, mainly take care of the processing of sweet whey, which accumulates during cheese production in the parent company Berglandmilch.

With over 33,000 tons of milk powder annually, Alpi is the largest drying plant in Austria in terms of volume.