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Milk Powder

Whole milkpowder spray-dried is produced from whole milk by vacuum-evaporating
and spray-drying.

  • Whole milk powder 26%
    Declaration: WHOLE MILK POWDER
  • Skim milkpowder
    Declaration: SKIMMED MILK POWDER

Whey powder

  • Sweet Whey Powder
    Sweet Whey Powder
  • Organic Sweet Whey Powder
    Declaration: (Sweet) Whey Powder
  • TEZ-23-25 Whey Powder partly delactosed
    Declaration: Partly delactosed whey powder
  • TEZ-21 Whey powder partly delactosed
    Declaration: Partly delactosed whey powder
  • TEZ 25 Whey Powder Partly Delactosed
    Declaration: Partly delactosed whey powder
  • Whey Powder Partley Delactosed


Lactose is produced from concentrated and crystallized
whey by decantation, washing and drying.

  • Lactose edible
    Declaration: Milksugar or Lactose
  • Lactose fine
    Declaration: Milksugar or Lactose
  • Lactose extra-fine
    Declaration: Milksugar or Lactose


Casein is the protein contained in milk as the main component, insoluble in
pure water, which is obtained from skim milk by acid precipitation and
from which the water has been removed during dehydration.

Caseinate is a milk protein produced by drying digested casein.

  • Acid-Casein 110 mesh
    Declaration: Acid-casein, casein or milk protein

Powder Mixtures

  • Molcotte is a whey blend product with increased protein content.
    Increased whey protein content makes it an ideal raw material for dairy pastries. Complex formation between whey protein and gluten of the flour; good fermentation stability; uniform pastry browning and long freshness; aromatic milk flavor; uniformly fine pores and no waist formation.
    To be declared as: Protein enriched whey powder
  • Milback 24 is a mixed product of milk and whey ingredients.
    Good water-binding capacity; uniform browning and tender crust in baked goods; enhances flavor and aroma; imparts the typical crumbly character due to the high butter content;
    Declaration: dry whey preparation (24% milk fat, whey).